About 100 Ways

This website is a collection of powers and tools you can implement and strategies you can use to help make your local centre a great place to be.

Some elements within this guide have long served local partnerships, Town Centre Managers and Business Improvement Districts as part of the toolkit for change. Other elements are entirely new and reflect the changing nature of town centre uses. Many of the powers and tools described below require only one thing – cooperation. A strong partnership, working together toward a shared vision of success, is an incredible resource. Your local partnership has already taken steps along this path.

This guide aims to be a resource and a starting point for those wishing to improve their town centre. Treat it like a buffet – visit it, pick what you want, then come back for more. We have grouped the powers and tools in this guide, but you should choose what is relevant to you, adapting each as you see fit. Each section has case studies to bring to life the tools here, and there are links to external organisations too. ATCM would love to hear your stories about how you have applied the powers and tools in this guide, so feel free to get in touch and let us know.


Contributors, Acknowledgements & Credits

The Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) is a not-for-profit membership organisation dedicated to promoting the vitality and viability of town and city centres. It has more than 540 members including key stakeholders in town and city centres. Over 400 of its members are town and city centre management initiatives. Nearly all of these work as partnerships, some with several hundred contributing members themselves, to develop and implement shared visions, strategies and action plans for a total of more than 700 district, town and city centres across the UK.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) is making a difference by supporting sustained growth and higher skills across the economy. BIS provided funding for the original 2009 version of 00 Ways to Help your Town Centre.

Jean Ball has over ten years experience in town and city centre management, regeneration, events and marketing. Jean is a member of the ATCM Advisory Council and a contributing author to the 2014 update of ‘100 Ways to Help your Town Centre’.




It is important for all users of 100 Ways to Help your Town Centre to remember it is only a guide and that responsibility for the affects of implementing suggested best practice and law enforcement lies with local decision-makers. There is a disclaimer against all comments referring law, legal implications and enforcement. The law is complicated, open to interpretation, differs from location to location and quickly evolves. Consequently, this resource should be used as a guide only, and unless specifically stated, references to the law apply to England only. For all members, even those based in England, we ask that local legal advice is sought before acting upon any legal recommendations offered as disparate and evolving legislative frameworks could invalidate information presented here.

Neither ATCM, contributing members, sponsors or anyone else connected with this project can be held responsible for the consequences of any attempt to use or adopt any of the information presented in 100 Ways to Help your Town Centre.