Alive After Five

Alive After Five is a slogan adopted by a number of UK cities including Newcastle, Edinburgh and Oxford to name a few. The concept mimics what 'out of town' shopping centres have been doing for years to increase their market share – essentially, opening when the customers want to shop and are available to shop. A Retail Trading Hours Study commissioned by the ATCM found that:

  • Sales between 5pm-8pm are typically 50% more than those between 9am-11am

  • Revising trading hours to open and close later would increase sales by 10–12%

Town and city centres need to respond to the challenge of adapting to changing consumer needs and expectations. It doesn’t have to mean working harder, just working smarter. Perhaps 10am–6pm instead of 9am-5pm would be more profitable for businesses? Consider opening cultural and social centres at 10am too. Cities like Lincoln and Birmingham now have vibrant, safe and accessible centres that meet customers’ expectations and increase sales. They have gained the support of bus and train operators, car parks, restaurants, bars and theatres as well as retailers. For more information contact ATCM.