Big Issue Vendors

The Big Issue offers homeless and vulnerably housed people a chance to earn a legitimate income and change their circumstances.

However, Big Issue vendors can sometimes contribute to negative perceptions associated with begging, either due to their image or the way in which they try to encourage sales. In some places there have been problems when vendors compete for space leading to arguments over pitches. Local partnerships can engage with their Big Issue Regional Office who can help co-ordinate the activity of vendors to ensure only legitimate ones who adhere to their Code of Practice are able to sell.

Under the Code of Conduct all vendors must:

  • Only sell the current copy of The Big Issue magazine for the stated cover price

  • Accept and co-operate with The Big Issue staff

  • Clearly display valid Big Issue identification/uniform at all times whilst selling

  • Only sell on an authorised Big Issue pitch

  • Adhere to The Big Issue pitch system which will be sales related

  • Always supply customers with the correct change and hand over the magazine

  • Adhere to all local byelaws whilst selling.