Branding your Town Centre

Every town centre is different; some people would argue that each town centre has a distinct personality, based on the historical, cultural and heritage roots that local communities should nurture and be proud of.


However, as with most personalities and first impressions, perception is everything. There are online resource for local partnerships to discover more about their place's personality and conduct a first impressions exercise.


A jazzy logo may be a tempting first step in re-branding your high street, but a logo on its own is not what place branding is about; it's a long term commitment in both the physical and digital world. It starts with a common, shared vision and needs to engage key decision makers as well as local communities. Community-driven place branding campaigns (e.g. Peckham and Brick Lane in London, Granollers in Spain, Rio de Janeiro in Brazil) can be a great way of getting residents to participate, share their vision of the high street (school children are great at this!) and become the main ambassadors of your brand. This is often the first step towards successful place making. A successful place brand is one that is shared and believed in by residents and businesses as if it had always been there. If your place brand expresses truly the DNA or personality of your town centre (even if it is in a way that makes people laugh!), you can be confident you have got it just right.