Child Safe Zones & Lost Children

Promoting the safety of children by reuniting them with their parents can do a lot to put the minds of young families at rest. If you have children its very likely you have experienced that dreaded moment when you turn around and your child is out of sight... a Child Safe Zones scheme can help. The adult responsible for the lost child in a Child Safe Zone simply rings a local number clearly displayed on Child Safe Zones stickers or posters for direct contact with the local security teams, who then help with the search. This simple, effective service is free. For more information on other Safe Child Schemes, contact the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Virtually every venue in the UK has a missing child procedure. A Child Safe Zone Scheme extends these systems to the collective town or shopping centre environment bringing these systems under one nationally recognised identity - helping venues and parents to keep children safe and found. These schemes can prove equally valuable for older children and vulnerable adults, where personal safety is an issue.