Community Alcohol Partnerships

Community Alcohol Partnerships (CAPs) aim to tackle the problems caused by under-age access to alcohol through cooperation between alcohol retailers and local stakeholders, such as Trading Standards, Police, local authority licensing teams, schools and health networks.

Central to the operation of CAPs is the sharing of information between partners to combat the purchase and possession of alcohol by those under 18, coupled with rigorous enforcement of laws designed to tackle anti-social behaviour. CAPs address both the demand and supply side of under-age drinking through enforcement, education and public perception.


Alcohol Free Zones

Many town centres have defined core areas and parks as Alcohol Free Zones that must be clearly defined using signage as detailed in the relevant legislation. Once in place, anyone found drinking within the boundary can have the alcohol taken away from them for disposal. A Police officer or authorised council enforcement officer may use their discretion to issue a warning to a person who is drinking in an Alcohol Free Zone, for example, where the person may be unaware of the zone. It should also be noted that in circumstances where a person does not co-operate with a Police officer or authorised council enforcement officer, they can be charged with obstruction under Section 660 of the Local Government Act 1993, which carries a maximum penalty of £2,200.