Community Wardens

Some of the larger, well established crime reduction partnerships employ community wardens who patrol the town centre in high visibility jackets, particularly in locations and at times when crime and anti-social behaviour is most likely to occur. So long as they are well trained and visible, then they can have a positive impact on the visitor experience and perceptions of a town centre, as well as deterring potential offenders and helping to secure convictions. It is important to work closely with the local Police at every stage. The Wardens increase the eyes and ears on the street and can provide vital intelligence, reduce opportunist crimes, and respond quickly when for example a call goes out on the radio network.

To maximise the value of town centre Wardens, also known as Rangers or Stewards, it can be worth combining their crime reduction role with other, such as first aid response, powers from the Council to issue fixed penalties for environmental crimes, or an ambassadorial role providing directions and reassurance for visitors, and helping to manage events in the public realm.