Governance & Structure

Governance doesn't mean red-tape and paperwork. Your partnership will need a clear and simple structure that participants understand and feel confident about. Transparency and fairness about decision making and finances is important and protects the people involved in your local partnership too. It is wise to create a structure that can grow and evolve as your partnership becomes established.

At an early stage you may simply adopt a Constitution, and later you could consider Company limited by guarantee or Community Interest Company status. Any of these options make a partnership into a legal entity which can then have a number of other impacts including expanding the influence and credibility of the partnership and making it eligible for a wider range of funding streams; having a bank account opens all sorts of options to you.

There are examples online of simple terms of reference, governance and constitution documents, such as those on the Association of Town & City Management website. You may also wish to recruit a local solicitor to your partnership who will have access to template documents and expertise.

You may want to consider the Plan-Do-Review cycle to get you started.