Guides & Maps

A basic essential for any town, particularly those looking to attract day and staying visitors from further afield, is to provide a well presented guide and map to the local area, including what’s on information and retailer, restaurant and attraction listings. Even visitors living within the catchment of a town centre may not be aware of all the unique products, services, hidden gems and experiences on offer.


Remember to design your maps and guides around a common theme, so that your website, map etc all appear part of the same family. There are also free resources out there such as Google Places and Google Maps that will ensure work is seen online as well as in store.


Once you have created your Town Guide, which usually will need to be refreshed once a year for the printed version and more frequently on line, the next step is to distribute and circulate it widely with particular attention to the market segments identified in your customer research.


The costs of designing, printing and distributing the guide can be shared by the businesses featured in it or funded from the collective budget of the local partnership. Use these same partners and networks to help distribute the guide both on paper and electronically.


There are companies who will do all this for you for a fee, some of whom may use standardised formats that may not sufficiently express the character of your town. If your budget is limited it may be best to employ a good local design agency and to get an interactive version of the guide on line. Local companies will often contribute their professional skills either free or at cost if they can see the benefit for their business of promoting the town to their audience.