Exclusion Schemes

Statistics show that a high proportion of ‘low level crime’ is conducted by a small number of repeat offenders. This involves the identification of these offenders through the intelligence gathered and shared amongst the members of the local Crime Reduction Partnership (CRP) including the Police, and then excluding them from the premises of all members of the CRP. In some cases this will mean most of the shops, pubs and other establishments in the town centre which then denies the offender the opportunity to commit the crimes and can help to break a pattern of behaviour. By using an Exclusion Scheme many high streets have found they are able to significantly reduce offences such as shoplifting, theft from vehicles, and purse snatches. It is important to work closely with the Police and CRP members to ensure that the exclusion orders issued are backed up with sufficient evidence and that all will enforce the exclusion. An exclusion notice typically lasts for three, six or twelve months and needs to be sufficiently robust to stand up to an appeal to the CRP Board.