Generating Footfall

Your local area's assets (shops, public art, heritage) are the key hooks that pull people into your town centre and generate footfall.


If you've reviewed your town centre and mapped the results, you may notice these hooks appearing; tourist attractions, having a tourist 'identity' (think Stratford-upon-Avon for example), theatres, an interesting evening economy scene, sports centres and so on are all potential magnets that can get people into, and returning to, your town centre and which compliment existing retail and service offers around them.


Once people have been drawn into town, it is important that key attractions are supported by a wide range of complimentary services that make people want to stay and visit again.

Make sure that visitors and potential visitors know about your town's key hooks, how to find them, when they are open, why they're great and so on. This could include promotional initiatives with For example, you could mimic what London, Sydney and Singapore have done and offer discounts or special offers linking together a series of activities. Or for something with a more local flavour, why not try what one canny theatre company did and offer a free interval drink on production of a bus ticket to encourage people to leave the car at home and make a night of it – the offer is subsidised by the public transport provider. If your offer is strong enough put together packages including accommodation to encourage extended stays and increased local spend.