Getting To & Around Town Centres

Helping people to move around within town and city centres quickly and easily can encourage visitors to explore areas which might be less well known and to extend their stay. This may include providing good visitor information and wayfinding, a strong bus and tram network, maps and guides to raise awareness, or even a couple cycle rickshaws! This can be especially helpful in larger centres or where the topography may be challenging for those carrying shopping.

It is here that strong strategic planning needs to be considered. Creating a clean and safe High Street will certainly help to make environments people want to explore and walk through, but what about the type of businesses and services people see on their journey? Is there enough open space to allow people to relax, or public seating along the way? Increasing connectivity within your town centre will rely on a personality emerging from it, or from the several different areas within it.

And while internal connectivity is important, so is connecting your town centre to local, regional and even national audiences. Talk to your local authority, public transport and car park operators as well as major 'pull' destinations in your town centre to get a feel for how people regarding the current level of access and whether any infrastructure projects are on the horizon you can influence as a result of this.