Including Local Government

For a local partnership to be effective, it is important that local government is directly involved. There is often a stereotype of local government officials often unfairly applied without having spoken to anyone first! Get in touch with your local planners, economic development officer, Town Centre Manager, highways department and so on, and then you'll be able to influence priorities for local services. Local politicians and officials are often keen to engage with town centre partnerships as collective representatives of their area.


One of the ways to make sure that your local Parish, Borough, District, County or Unitary local authority is at the table and part of the ongoing process is to allocate them a seat on your Board or decision-making team. By allocating the seat to the authority rather than a person, you ensure continuity when there are elections and changes of personnel. Even if they don’t always attend every meeting, inclusion on your Board or Core Group ensures that at least they get minutes of meetings and regular information.


In the interests of fairness, you may wish to run your governance and decision-making group along the lines of 'one seat, one vote'. This sort of detail should be contained within your constitution or terms of reference documents.