Late Night Transport

The lack of frequent, efficient and safe public transport late at night, or at least the perception of this being the case, could be having a detrimental affect on your night-time economy and social scene.

One way of increasing night-time visitor numbers is to promote late night travel provision. This could be done in a number of ways, including announcements made inside bars and clubs at the end of a night to inform people of their options for getting home, information on the reverse of gig tickets, websites, push text messages targeting times and locations, and tourism publications.

Late Night Bus Service

Providing late night buses can encourage more visitors to take advantage of the entertainment and leisure activities on offer, and reduce the likelihood of drink driving and using . The cost of this increased service could be part-funded by local bars, clubs, and road safety organisations. Working with the late night businesses to stagger their closing times will help avoid on-street issues caused by large numbers of people all wanting to travel home at the same time.

Taxi Marshals

Taxi ranks late at night can be trouble hotspots, but by having a couple of marshals on site this is an easily alleviated problem. These schemes are sometimes part-funded by cab drivers through either their local association or an agreed levy on their licence fee. The marshals are professionally trained and highly visible uniformed teams who encourage people to form an orderly queue and wait patiently for their taxi, eliminating potential flashpoints and moving people quickly and efficiently out of the town centre. They generally work two or three nights a week when it is known to be busiest and also help to address the issue of private hire cabs and unregistered vehicles plying for trade, further improving both actual and perceived public safety. Have a look at this scheme in Oxford for ideas.