Light Night

Light Night is an initiative where town centres come alive as the sun goes down. For one night (or for the ambitious, a series of nights) a town or city centre stays open for people to enjoy local shops and services within a wider cultural event involving music, art and most importantly, fantastic lighting of buildings and light-based art installations.

Liverpool and Leeds have held two good examples of a Light Night in the UK, and the event is very popular in Europe where it is known as 'Nuit Blanche'.

Running your own Light Night is a great showcase for gaining wide public interest and participation so that people buy into their local town centre in the evening and experience it often for the first time after dark. A key element of the programme in each town centre is that all events are free, requiring a wide range of local groups, artists, venues and partners to be involved and deliver a great family friendly after dark experience. Done well, a Light Night can change perceptions, develop new relationships and networks, and provide an experience that gives people a sense of pride and ownership of their town or city centre. Light Night is a chance for everyone to come together and celebrate their town or city, focusing on their shared culture, history and identity.