Mobile CCTV

CCTV can deter crime, secure evidence and increase perceptions of safety in your town centre. Cameras tend to be located in busy footfall areas and crime hotspots. However, criminal activity can take place anywhere and can be displaced to more remote or secluded locations. Re-deployable or mobile CCTV means the cameras can be relocated in response to changing patterns so that criminal activity can be monitored and reduced wherever it happens. Many local Police services now have CCTV vehicles which can be deployed on an as needed basis including big events, and some have wall mounted cameras that can be ‘loaned’ to a venue or location in response to specific issues.


CCTV Analytics

The labour cost to monitor CCTV output is expensive particularly where many cameras are monitored by one person. CCTV with output which is not monitored can still be effective in viewing historic events following a crime through the use of video analytics which use artificial intelligence to flag up unusual behaviour in an environment. Whilst this method does have limitations, particularly in busy environments, when deployed in the right areas it can be very effective, particularly if combined with a good local crime intelligence network and database.