Learning & Best Practice

Whatever challenges your town centre faces, it is likely that other places and people are or have faced it before. So rather than re-inventing the wheel, why not talk to people who have been in your shoes before and learn from their approach. You may find a ready made solution, you may take inspiration away and develop your own path from that. Have a look at what networking events are available to you. Membership of the Association of Town & City Management gives you access to regional, national and international meetings as well as best practice and case study guides for a wide range of place management topics.

These professional networks provide access to a wealth of best practice, practical advice, email updates and changes to legislation. Meetings and workshops with others involved in town centre management provide an environment where people can bounce ideas off each other, learn new approaches, get reminded about a neglected initiative or share resources.

Britain does not hold a monopoly on progressive ideas to improve the high street and there is some great work being done in the US, Europe, and across the world. Where possible, look to work with and learn from those abroad too. Twinning schemes and exchange visits can help you to see your town through new eyes. Look out for funded projects and international professional development events and opportunities to learn about some of the fascinating schemes happening across the globe.