Partnership Skills Audit

Getting the right mix of skills and experience is a key ingredient in building an effective partnership group. The ideal board member would have every desirable skill and quality, but in the real world we each have only a selection. If we know what qualities we possess ourselves, and what qualities others possess, we can pool our talents.


A skills audit is a tool to help your board members identify what skills, knowledge or experience they can contribute to the group. Existing members may possess a range of skills or knowledge that may not yet have been called upon or identified; prospective new members can be recruited on the basis of what they can bring to the board, complementing and enhancing what is already there and increasing the diversity of both skills and perspectives.


A sample skills audit is available on the ATCM website and can can be adapted for your organisations needs and filled in by members of the board. It could also form part of the induction process for any new board members.