Penalty Notices & Fixed Penalty Notices

Penalty notices and fixed penalty notices are both ways of deterring anti-social behaviour with wardens licensed by a local authority and / or the local Police being able to issue fines. Fixed penalty notices are typically used for litter offences, but can also be used for things like trade waste bins out on the street at the wrong time, dog fouling, and fly tipping. Penalty notices apply to disorders. Failure to pay a fine would result in court action with a significant increase in that fine likely.

It is important that genuine offenders are carefully targeted using such powers as there is the potential for bad publicity if the wrong person is issued with a notice or over zealous staff make visitors feel unwelcome. If used appropriately, it can help to curb the behaviour of those who can make a town centre unattractive without the level of bureaucracy involvedin pushing for criminal convictions. Your local authority should be able to help you with more information.