Enhancing your Town Centre : a successful case study

Alloa’s Winning Numbers

Location: Alloa

"Alloa's Winning Numbers" involved creating a unique, uniform and stylish property number for each business unit in the Alloa Business Improvement District (BID) area. Numbering property in town centres is becoming rarer, and this project decided to breathe new life into the concept by designing and producing these using new, local skilled craftspeople. Each street within Alloa has its own unique colour (red for the High Street, yellow for Mill Street) and every number is set within a circle uniformity. The use of glass was also prominent to link to Alloa's past as an historic glass making centre since the 1700's. The coloured streets are also included on a new town centre map and wayfinding boards.

The project was funded with £2million from the Scottish Governments Town Centre Regeneration Fund. The application focused on improving the town centre and creating a clear and distinct image and identity for the town. Feedback has been very positive from both BID members and town centre users. Visitor numbers have increased, navigating around the town is easier, the numbers demonstrate a pride in place and help to improve and enhance the long term perception of Alloa.