Safe, Secure Streets : a successful case study

Dublin: Better City for All Group

Location: Dublin

The project in Dublin entailed using ground-breaking research to inform a large stakeholder group's decisions about how best to address anti-social behaviour and substance abuse.

Dublin city centre went through a process of de-clustering the alcohol and drug services from the area. This process directly challenged the preceding logic that stated services should be globally accessible in a central location. The effect on Dublin city centre was that social problems unfortunately related to service users were becoming active in the area and were unintentionally fuelling a drug market in the core retail and cultural heart of the city!

By developing a strong partnership group focused on alleviating these problems, the Better City for All Group has successfully coordinated opening hours of the various services, implemented outreach work, run 'good neighbour' workshops for service users, and begun the relocation of services to neighbourhood locations, successfully de-clustering them and helping people access services where they are and taking them away from temptation.