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Love Cambridge Guides

Location: Cambridge

The Love Cambridge (developed by Cambridge BID) Family of Guides are a set of four independent but complimentary publications focused on:


  • Shopping – independent retailers are promoted alongside the four shopping centres (first print run 120,000)

  • Day & Night – museums, galleries, cultural venues, food and drink offer and a calendar of events (first print run 100,000)

  • Transport – detailing the various transport options for getting in and around the city (first print run 50,000)

  • Markets - the seven day a week market is a key attraction for residents and visitors, and this guide promoted three different markets in the city (first print run 50,000)


Each contains detailed information to provide visitors and prospective visitors with a great overview of what's on offer. The project was as a result of private sector partners highlighting the lack of information about Cambridge at key entry points and within the city itself.

Cambridge BID was able to design, develop and secure funding for a high-quality information-led product that does not go down the more traditional route of containing advertising. By agreeing a collective aim and consensus on the quality desired for the guides, each was able to adopt a new, information only approach to deliver clear, concise promotional material for Cambridge.

Distribution was a key issue - the guides were developed as a package and their impact would be lost if racked individually in slots along with lots of other guides, so a bespoke branded racking system in two sizes was created for different locations: an A3 desktop dispenser for all five guides, and a larger freestanding unit. A local distribution company was engaged to manage the distribution of the guides.