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Manchester Metroshuttle

Location: Manchester

Manchester city centre is linked together by its free city centre bus service, the Metroshuttle. In operation since 2002, the Metroshuttle consists of three routes that traverse the city centre, linking the city's main rail stations, car parks, shopping areas, businesses areas, their Universities and cultural venues in Manchester city centre.

The Metroshuttle is a partnership between the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive, Manchester City Council, National Car Parks and the property developer Allied London, and is partially supported by advertising. The service is completely free and does not require any tickets or passes. It costs approximately £1.2million a year to operate.Metroshuttle buses in Manchester are diesel-electric hybrid vehicles using less fuel and producing lower emissions than most standard buses which is made possible through the Green Bus Fund from the Department for Transport. Similar smaller scale schemes are now in operation in nearby Bolton, Rochdale and Stockport.