Working Together : a successful case study

Mansfield Christmas Auction

Location: Mansfield

In 2006, Mansfield needed new Christmas lights, so an auction was held to help raise funds by selling a wide range of goods and services pledged by local businesses. The auction was developed in partnership between Mansfield Town Centre Management, the local authority, the media and retailers.

Auction lots including a second-hand Porsche, a London weekend theatre break, pizza delivery, plastering and painting services, beauty treatments and hotel rooms, all of which were previewed in the Chad newspaper before the local radio station, Mansfield 103.2, ran a day-long auction live on air.

Bidding was brisk and a total of £23,000 was raised between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. All newspaper space, radio airtime, goods and services and staff time were given free of charge, proving that the concept can be easily adapted by towns of all types and size. The scheme, even though it was delivered in 2006, is a great example of a community coming together and spreading effort and goodwill, but with virtually no cash outlay.