Building Resilient, Balanced Town Centres : a successful case study

More in Morpeth

Location: Morpeth

Morpeth is a market town in south Northumberland that 18 months ago established its first town team. Their priority is to promote the area via the More in Morpeth website, social media feeds, printed material and events in association with the local destination management organisation, Northumberland Tourism.

The partnership group are clear about who they are focusing on when it comes to growing visitor numbers. The town team is keen to attract groups while Northumberland Tourism focuses on the independent market. Both are comfortable with the other’s approach and feel that they are complimenting each other, while each recognise the value and 'identity' of Morpeth when communicating with their target audience. This way, Morpeth is always

The town team would like to do more in relation to the visitor economy and can see opportunities in working with the cruise market and the ferry operators. They look to Northumberland Tourism for help with this ambition. On a wider strategic context, their place branding ambitions extend beyond marketing and toward protecting their built environment and therefore their physical image too.