The Evening and Night-time Economy : a successful case study

The Romford Way

Romford, in the Borough of Havering, has one of London's largest night-time economy sectors including:

  • 41 restaurants
  • 21 bars and pubs
  • 4 nightclubs
  • A cinema

At one time in the 1990's, Romford's evening economy had earned the town a reputation for crime and alcohol related disorder. The Town Centre Management team including the Police and local authority took steps to address the issues including:

  • A taxi marshall scheme
  • Street pastors
  • The Deeper Lounge (safe haven)
  • Search arches
  • Drug dogs
  • Digital radios
  • Dispersal orders

Weekly Door Supervisor briefings and post weekend feedback meetings with the Police and CCTV operators were introduced.  Following the implementation of these changes the most serious crime dropped by 2.9% with a sanction detection rate of 39.9% in a short time. As a result, in 2009, the Borough of Havering became the only London Borough to achieve Beacon status from central government for managing the local night-time economy.