Working Together : a successful case study

Worcester BID Employalty Card

Location: Worcester

When we talk about key stakeholders in town and city centres we often use terms like employees, and consumers. We can easily forget that many consumers are in fact also employees, especially during the week. Not only is this stakeholder important in the effort to ensuring a destination delivers a positive experience for others but they themselves directly contribute to revenue generation.

Worcester businesses have recognised the role played by this stakeholder and have sought to reward them for their loyalty to their area whilst increasing their own trade at the same time.

The Worcester BID business plan stated that a loyalty scheme should be produced which:

  • Rewarded employees
  • Improved trade for participating businesses
  • Raised awareness of the goods and services BID members offer
  • Allowed the BID management team to build a dialogue with representatives of BID businesses who are not the main contact
  • Was low in cost to implement

Through a mixture of face-to-face engagement with businesses using the BID street rangers, leaflet distribution and promotional offers, the interest of a critical mass of businesses wanting to participate in the scheme was developed. Social media has been used to promote the scheme amongst employees of BID businesses. Employees who are enticed by the potential special offers they can receive will apply for an Employalty Card which is the size of a credit card and requires a signature.

The scheme was launched in February 2011 and today, is free for any employee of a BID levy paying business encouraging those employees to spend more time and money in Worcester. The Employalty Card has been pivotal in energising this stakeholder group to meet the ambitious visions of the BID.