Radio Link Networks

By using a dedicated frequency, a local network of radios can become a valuable tool for linking together your members. This hands the initiative to those working to reduce anti-social behaviour, including retailers, licensees, door staff, Police and CCTV control rooms, allowing them to quickly share information on events in real time and either prevent a crime from taking place or provide evidence to secure conviction.

Often know as a Shop or Pub Watch schemes, these radio networksare often run by local Crime Reduction Partnerships, although some stand alone. These schemes unite the Police, retailers, licensees and security personnel to help make town centres safer for visitors and staff. At their simplest, the radio or ‘Watch’ networks are a message-passing link between shops or licensees.

Local businesses would rent the necessary audio equipment in order to play their part which could provide the foundation for something financially sustainable. It is important that all the participants in the radio network are trained in the appropriate use of the special frequency, and sustain positive participation. Many radios have a ‘Panic Button’ option which alerts neighbouring businesses as well as the Police of a situation where an immediate response and support are required. This can be particularly re-assuring for small businesses where there may be lone workers.