Shopmobility is a service that can help those who have limited mobility to make the most of their town centre experience by helping them get around by providing ride-on mobility buggies or scooters.

A Shopmobility scheme will work best where the pick up and drop off point for the mobility buggies are located near public transport and disabled car parking spaces. While some of the UK’s Shopmobility schemes are offered to the public free of charge, most incur a small fee to help cover running costs and to make future improvements. The operating cost of the schemes are often dependent on business sponsorship, so you will often see a Shopmobility buggy with the logo of a local store or business on the shopping basket. Local transport authorities are generally supportive of Shopmobility schemes although the amount of funding available varies from place to place. Some places also have special arrangements for busy shopping times or special events, such as Christmas. During these times, Shopmobility access is increased so that everyone can enjoy the extended late night shopping hours and entertainment on offer.