Street Audits

A Street Audit identifies what type of improvements are required in the public realm to make it a safe, attractive and unified place. You can hire in companies who will do this for you, but normally working with the relevant personnel from the local authorities a team can cover a mid-size town centre in a day, mapping and recording the locations and condition of surfaces and other furniture, like benches. This exercise helps to prioritise maintenance routines and identify potential areas for improvement. At the end of the Audit, you'll likely be left with a list with key issues on, such as:

  • removal/consolidation of unnecessary street signs

  • graffiti and flyposting hotspots

  • repainting or relocating street furniture

  • broken paving slabs needing repair


It is worth revisiting the Audit to review progress after six or twelve months, and this can easily be built into your action planning and benchmarks, as described in the 'Working Together' section. The Association of Town and City Management also offers support for local partnerships wishing to conduct their own audit.