Street Parades, Shows & Events

Events are a tried and tested way to attract people to a place and town centres are great places for gatherings and activities. Creating a carnival atmosphere through Street Parades and Stage Shows can be a great way to bring colour into a town centre, engage the local community, and give people a fabulous positive experience. By using outdoor space as well as indoor venues, it is possible to create themed, seasonal, fun events that attract wide or specialist audiences into the town centre who then shop, buy food, or even stay overnight.


Whether it is quirky local events run on a small budget or high profile festivals with an international audience, there are two things it is absolutely vital to get right; safety and marketing.


If you are new to events it may be worth doing a health and safety seminar or at least consulting with local Police and Council officers to input into your event planning from an early stage.


Marketing is also vital - there's no point in holding an event if no-one knows about it. Be clear who you are targeting and get the message out in as many ways as possibe (online, social media, NFC tags, QR codes, flyers, local media). You could even engage the local press at the planning stages to try and generate extra PR support too. Event marketing is not just about advertising, press releases and posters – you want to build up a buzz so try to get local community groups talking about it, get local retailers to invite their contacts and talk about it as part of their customer service experience.


Town centres benefit from a calendar of events to keep things fresh and interesting throughout the year. Take a look at what might already be happening that you can build on and ask your stakeholders what they think could be added or work well to celebrate and enliven your high street. For ideas and inspiration check out what other towns and high streets are doing via their websites.