Talking to your Local Partnership

Talking to people is absolutely essential to any partnership group, so knowing how you communicate with your local members and stakeholders should be high on your to-do list. Try to have conversations with people rather than talking at them, ask for their comments, their expertise, and let people know about your collective achievements.


Different people will need and respond to different forms of communication. Straightforward emails, e-bulletins, printed and electronic newsletters, performance and annual reports, websites, social media, press releases, lunches and meetings are all great ways of keeping in touch. Member surveys are a useful tool for achieving the feedback you need to make sure everyone feels part of the process and remain ‘in the loop’, so have a play and see which methods work best for you.


Social media can play an important role for your local partnership and open up conversations with others quickly. Beyond that, you can keep track of Facebook, Twitter etc on the go too and use these to answer questions and promote causes with your group. Check out this free social media guide here.