Telling a Story

It is said that storytelling is the most engaging form of marketing. What story does your town centre tell? What social, cultural, historical gems are waiting to be discovered? Hooks like this help develop a unique sense of place for your town centre and can be a great tool for boosting for tourism and spend as well as developing your local branding and identity.


A story for your town could be based on anything from history to heritage, from local celebrities to famous local inventions, from grand architecture to the natural landscape. So, explore the stories that could be told about and by your place, develop an interesting narrative and find an imaginative way for your town centre to convey the story.


A place story can be brought to life through plaques, monuments, art, and digital media. This could be developed using ideas from residents, schools, community groups and artists. For example during the re-development of a site the safety hoarding around it could visually tell the story of the town or the site with children’s drawings or a mural.