The Evening and Night-time Economy

Town centre life doesn’t end at 5pm

Creating a safe, vibrant and well balanced evening and night-time offer is a challenge, but with amazing growth potential more and more local partnerships are finding unique and innovative ways to approach the task. Effective management of a place’s evening and night time economy (ENTE) is quickly becoming a priority in the majority of locations across Europe. People are starting realising that sustainable economic prosperity can only be achieved by taking a holistic approach to the management of a place and understanding our town and city centres don't have to close at 5pm.

This understanding, coupled with the changing needs of the modern consumer due to the growth of on-line retail and a desire to seek out a more well-rounded leisure experience, has presented local groups with a unique opportunity.

Over the next decade in the UK we are primed to see a wholesale change in how places are managed during the evening and at night. Key organisations in both the public and private sector are looking to harness the potential of the UK’s night and evening economy estimated at a staggering £60 billion.

Versatility can be the making of a great town centre, so it needs to offer a clean, safe, vibrant and engaging environment for different types of people at different times. An arena that poses a big challenge in achieving versatility is the transition that takes place everyday from day-time uses to the evening or ‘shoulder’ period and then on into the late night economy. With this shift, the uses of a town centre change with individuals and businesses shifting their needs accordingly. In this section you can find a number of schemes and tools to help make your town centre a safe and welcoming place during the evening and night-time.