The Plan-Do-Review Cycle

The Plan-Do-Review model is a good place to start when considering how your partnership could be run.

It is a format that encourages good leadership, evidence-based decision making and one which generates stronger projects to make great local places. It is a four–step model for carrying out change and should be repeated regularly for continuous improvement. Successful locations often enjoy a rhythm and direction to their work, and the structure of the model can help local partnerships improve their area.

The key stages of the model are:

1) Establish a local partnership to help start driving change forward

  • Establishing a Town Baseline as a snapshot of current standards and performance

  • Develop a shared 'placemaking' vision for the town (a unique sense of place), working with the local authority

  • Translate into a Town Strategy and associated Action Plan that delivers defined benefits for your area, with clear timetables for delivery

2) Delivery of the Action Plan, with smaller groups reporting back into the local partnership

3) Conduct a regular review of the Action Plan and Town Strategy to see what's working and what's not

4) Draw insights from the above review

  • Use insights to challenge and renew the original vision and Town Strategy

  • Celebrate successes with an effective communication plan

You can download a free report and guide into using the Plan-Do-Review cycle here.